Trying to organize my demo.

I have two songs fully recorded on guitar. Next on the list is to finish writing my third song, record bass tracks, write lyrics and record the vocals. Artwork and a logo will also need to be created. There is an awful lot to organize. The end goal is to have a three track demo of acoustic rock released on my Bandcamp page by the fall. Oh, and I want to play an open mic sooner than later!

When I set the goal of writing one song this year, I never thought I’d be pushing myself to these heights!

Here’s my second song:

Let me know what you think of it!

Talk soon.


An update on my music project.

I’m currently aiming to finish three songs to publish as a demo. The first track, Crashing Waves, now has all guitar arrangements finished. I published it today on my new SoundCloud page (and embedded the track below). When the demo is complete with artwork it will be available as a free download on my Bandcamp page. I’d really appreciate your feedback: good, bad or indifferent.

I’ll be back to writing regularly sooner than later once I get these songs out of my system!


Getting My Swagger Back

The last two years have been a combination of beautiful moments and dark times in my life. The beauty has come from my marriage, being the best man at my best friend’s wedding, and the adoption of a wonderful dog and cat who complete our family. The dark stems from my ongoing battle with depression. The bouts have gotten more frequent and deeper in intensity. Let’s examine the past and what is around the corner in my life:

Continue reading “Getting My Swagger Back”

The American Dream

Mark stumbled into the kitchen to check the time on his grimy oven. It read 12:03 PM. He should have been out the door and en route to work by 11:45. His phone was dead and he was sporting a mild hangover. “Fuck this,” he snapped. Mark’s audience, if you can call it that, was comprised solely of his cat Jules. The feline was indifferent to the plight of his human. “Another day in the dungeon.” Mark grumbled. Hopelessness was kicking in. Jules rolled around in the sun on his back, paying no attention to him. Continue reading “The American Dream”

The Moment I Lie Down

This piece was lovingly crafted for Ruminations of an Old Soul, released July 7, 2016.

Getting into bed should be a moment of ultimate freedom. The pitch black room should feel peaceful and inviting. Nowhere to be, no more obligations to fill on this day. The mind deserves to be at rest for the next hours. Dreams should take me on an adventure, whether comedic, enjoyable or nonsensical. The mind and soul should be freed of the burdens of the day. Continue reading “The Moment I Lie Down”

Anxiety Banned

This piece was lovingly crafted for Ruminations of an Old Soul, released October 27, 2016.

My struggle with anxiety is ongoing. It affects my every day no matter how strong or weak it is at that time. It lurks in the shadows like a silhouette. It jumps at every opportunity to tear me downwards. It is not welcome in my life but it is indifferent to that.

Some days I almost forget about anxiety. It goes dormant within my consciousness. The smiles, laughter and living in the moment betray what lies in wait underneath. Sure, there are brief moments of anxiousness but they can easily be brushed aside. Then, there is today. Continue reading “Anxiety Banned”