The American Dream

Mark stumbled into the kitchen to check the time on his grimy oven. It read 12:03 PM. He should have been out the door and en route to work by 11:45. His phone was dead and he was sporting a mild hangover. “Fuck this,” he snapped. Mark’s audience, if you can call it that, was comprised solely of his cat Jules. The feline was indifferent to the plight of his human. “Another day in the dungeon.” Mark grumbled. Hopelessness was kicking in. Jules rolled around in the sun on his back, paying no attention to him. Continue reading “The American Dream”


Looking Through A Dirty Glass Window

This piece was lovingly crafted for Ruminations of an Old Soul, released July 12, 2016.

“Nobody dresses up any more.” he muttered to nobody in particular. It should be known that he was quite the cynic. It was a quiet evening in a small town, and he was enjoying walking down lonely roads, clad in a tattered tee shirt and jeans faded by time. His mind roamed free while the sun slowly sank away in the distance.

He had always considered himself misunderstood. An anomaly. He had been younger than most of his classmates yet he was more mature than them. Social skills lacking, his circle of friends was small yet consistent. A series of long standing friendships. His life stood at odds with many of his peers. Continue reading “Looking Through A Dirty Glass Window”