The EP is released! 

I plan to write about my experience writing the  EP in the coming weeks but too exhausted for now. The album is free to download and stream. Please enjoy it and share it with your friends! Here’s a direct link : Finding My Voice EP. Follow me on Facebook if you would like as well. 


Mini EP releasing next week!

This project has been a long, difficult, educational journey. I had no idea how many hours I would invest in these three songs. From writing to recording to mixing, I am blown away at how much knowledge I have had to acquire to make my goal a reality. 

When I started guitar lessons at age 18, I set the goal of making a release under my own name. I never worked at that goal seriously until this spring, however.

For once, I have taken a goal from the idea stage pretty much all the way to completion. Following through has never been my specialty. I am still working at the final mix, learning and testing idea after idea as I go. 

Here is a track called Half of my Life (not the final mix). I hope you find it anything but superficial:


Bright blue skies turn to blackened cloud
The good things in life obscured by shroud

Half of my life I have worn a mask
Day by day no easy task
Half of my life I’ve put on a face
All in the name of fakin’ peace

If I put on a good face you just think it’s fake
If I don’t, well, you can’t relate
Some days I can’t be bothered to hide from my fate
If I don’t, well, you can’t relate

Every day war wages on
Inside my mind the pull is strong
Every day the battle continues
Always feel like something is wrong

The Finding my Voice EP will be released on Saturday, October 14th for free download on my Bandcamp page, and will be streamable on SoundCloud as well. I have made a Facebook page if you are interested in regular updates on my projects.

Anxiety Banned

This piece was lovingly crafted for Ruminations of an Old Soul, released October 27, 2016.

My struggle with anxiety is ongoing. It affects my every day no matter how strong or weak it is at that time. It lurks in the shadows like a silhouette. It jumps at every opportunity to tear me downwards. It is not welcome in my life but it is indifferent to that.

Some days I almost forget about anxiety. It goes dormant within my consciousness. The smiles, laughter and living in the moment betray what lies in wait underneath. Sure, there are brief moments of anxiousness but they can easily be brushed aside. Then, there is today. Continue reading “Anxiety Banned”